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Artifacts and Stories

We are pleased to give you a sneak peak to the PAST

Canadian Northern Station

Restored and opened July 2012

This building is the original Canadian Northern Railway Station.  It was located on the west (lake) side of the railroad grade just behind the present Heritage Village.  Alberta Beach was opened by the railway and was the only means of coming to the lake in the early days.  Passengers walked the boardwalk between a row of trees to the lake.  If they had freight it was picked up and delivered to their summer cottge.  In the 1930's roads were better and with the depression the train use fell off and the railway quit running trains here in 1936.  The station was moved to Heritage Village in 2007 from a near by farm and was completely restored under the guiding eye of one of our most dedicated members, Mr. Jack Benner, The train station has been dedicated in the memory of Mr. Benner, who passed on in 2013.

Dedicated in memory of Jack Benner


Restored in 2012

The beautiful old farm house was the original home of John and Bella Adams family, built in 1936 (also known as the Honey House).  For 72 years it sat on their farm on Highway 633 just east of Alberta Beach.  It was donated by the Adams Family and was moved to Heritage Village in 2008 where it has been restored for all to see.  Thanks to the Schnarrs who took the project and seen it to the end where it is magnificantly restored to an original era. 

Donated by Adams Family


Restored in 1998

The original Grasmere School was located opposite the Agliplex in Alberta Beach.  Theschool was opened in 1915 and closed in 1957.  Grades one to eight were taught in this school.  We have the registrars from 1935 to 1957.  When the property was sold in 1959, the school was converted into a garage.  This was the first project we undertook and was the beginning of Heritage Village.

Donated by Ruth Berg and Elfriede Lange


Restored in 1999

The building was originally erected for use as a summer cottage on the corner of 55 street on the lakefront.  At that time, it consisted of two rooms and a screened in porch.  Then, sometime in the 1960's, this building was moved to the West End Store on 50th avenue and 55 street.  There it was used as a summer rental property.  After changing owners once again, it was moved to Crestview Drive in Val Quentin and placed on the back of the lot to be used as a summer guest house.  It was donated and moved to the park in 1998

Donated by Irene Fuhr


Restored in 1999

In the early days, during the summer months it was staffed by a nurse who provided the necessary First Aid before telephones and good roads.  The Emergency Hut was operated previously to 1946 and was still in operation in 1966.  The building was originally located on 50th Avenue approximately where the Village Office (municipal) is today.  It was moved to the corner of 47th Avenue by the Agliplex and was the used as a tourist information bureau.  It was moved to Heritage Village in 1998

Donated by the Alberta Beach Chamber Of Commerce


Restored in 2005

This Chapel was located on land belonging to Fred and Isabel Bull.  itwas situated by the road on the way to Gunn, near the Sturgeon River.  The Chapel has its beginning in 1963 with the services available during July and August to lakeside residents and holiday goers who could feel free to attend in casual clothes.  In 1964 the building was dedicated and named Trinity Chapel.  In 1974 there was such growth in the number of attendees at the chapel it was used year round.  In 1981, after a period of dropping attendance, the congregation of Trinity Chapel decided to amalgamate with St. John's church in Onoway.  The final Service was held August 1984.  Over the years, this little Chapel hosted 13 christenings, 3 marriages and several memorial services.  The Chapel was deconsecated in 1994 and shortly thereafter moved to Castle Island.  It was moved to Heriage park in 2004.

Donated by Residents of Castle Island


Restored in 2000

This building was constructed in the early 1940's by the Alliance Church in Gunn.  The cabin was occupied by two ladies of the Alliance Mission.  Later it was occupied by a Minister of the Alliance Church.  The cabin was situated in very dense bush near Fern Valley School site with no road access.  It was near Highway 43, opposite the Ross Haven turn off.  Due to the fact the building was so well hidde in the bush, it was well protected from the elements and people.  It was donated and moved to Heritage Village in 1999.

Donated by George Monson


Restored in 2005

This Teacherage was located approximately one mile west of Highway 43 and secondary Highway 633 turnoff, then just south of the highway.  The school opened in 1935 and closed in 1945.  The Teacherage was purchased by Roy Patterson and moved to his property in Sunset Point, and used as a temporary home and as a guest house.  The building was mved to Heritage Village in 2004

Donated by Freda Patterson


Restored in 2008

This Building was the original Jail House.  It sat at the back of the lot behind the present Municipal Village office.  It was mostly used on Satrday nights during the summer months to house troublemakers who were under the influence or generally making a nuisance of themselves around town.  In most cases, they were released in teh morning.  On rare occassions some were held here on more serious charges until the RCMP could come for them.  Donated and moved to Heritage Village in 2007.

Donated by Dave Mack


Constructed on Site in 2011

This office was constructed under the watchful eyes of Mr. Jack Benner, with the utility services put in by Mr. Keith Adams.  It was opened in 2011 after we sold the main street museum location in order to fund the restoration of the two latest aquisitions, the train station and the Adams house. 

Constructed 2011


This park was realized through the dreams, dedication and hard work of mny of the Museum Members and Volunteers.  We would like to thank everyone invoolved.  Thanks also to Alberta Historical Society, Alberta Gaming Commission, Our MLS and our MP, Grants from CFEP and CIP, Village of Alberta Beach, Museums Alberta, adjoining municipalities and all those that supported the projects.



A Replica construction 2015/16

The original and first Year Round Store to operate in Alberta Beach.  Run from 1929 - 1956 by the Meurin Family and then purchased by the Howard Family who ran it until 2010.  

Grand Opening July 1 , 2016